Providing The Highest Standard Of Towing

Enclosed Professional Transport

Platinum Towing offers rare and exotic vehicle transport. Exotic, foreign, and/or performance cars require careful handling during a tow. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of towing. Our professionally trained and experienced vehicle handlers and drivers are knowledgeable in towing all makes and models of exotic vehicles with the care and precision.

We move exotic vehicles for every occasion from car shows, photo shoots, dealer transfers, private sale, and service appointments. We offer the security in handling you require to put your vehicle in the hands of a transport carrier.

Our Services Include:

  • Professional Trained Handlers
  • Professionally Trained Drivers
  • Enclosed Vehicle Transport
  • Cleaned Condition Vehicles
  • Mechanically Sound Trucks
  • GPS Load Tracking
  • Regular Driver Contact
  • Enclosed Trucks