Our Company

Platinum Tow and Transport was founded with one truck in 2002. Soon after we became a Law Enforcement impound garage. Through hard work and dedication to our customers we have multiplied our growth year after year.

Our core business has always been the transport of cars. Transport is different than towing, because towing reflects a simple hook-up of a car for an in-town tow. We have a philosophy that our customer always comes first. We pride ourselves with this reputation and feel that it has been a tremendous factor in our growth. We realize there are many other companies to choose from. We have an oath to our customers. Our oath is simple: “We promise to provide you with the best and most reliable service to handle all of your transportation needs.”


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the finest service for people who need to transport their vehicles across town or across the nation. We will continue to recruit and train only the best drivers available. We will listen to our clients comments and suggestions to make our service better (if that’s possible). We are determined to give our clients all that they expect from a professional organization.